The muses celebrate as the sparkling singer/songwriting talent of debut British artist, Kerry Goodhind, beams it’s light on the music industry, as she steps onto the global stage with the release of her debut single, hotfooted with a debut album later this year.  Blessed with beauty, brains and talent, this stunning Trinity student, bursts onto the scene with the looks of an angel and an unparalleled vocal ability that commands we sit up and take notice. 

Composed, focused and determined, Kerry Goodhind stems from an unusual breed of music artist whose business acumen and straight-talking, show she means business.  There’s no PR front or manufactured package here; but a highly polished woman who’s taken the knocks of life, turned them into wisdom and shrink-wrapped them into musical snap-shots of delicious vocal melodies. 

Born in Middlesex in the mid 80s, Kerry’s parents were childhood sweet-hearts and  open-minded nomadic souls, who had previously packed their bags and followed their fortunes to South Africa, where Kerry’s older brother was born.  Seven years later, and back in the UK,  Kerry was a bundle of joy who, like most other fortunate kids of her generation, benefitted from the enterprising mood of the nation at that time.  Her parents did everything in their power to expose her to a mammoth range of activities, from horse- riding to gymnastics, martial arts to music – Kerry had the world at her fingertips. But reared on a healthy wholesome diet of Motown and 80s pop, Kerry’s attentions constantly spiralled towards music (no matter what other activities were presented to her).

The first three years of secondary school were difficult for the academic Kerry, who had to contend with the bullying of those envious of her attention to work.  Expectation was also high from the teachers.  They hoped she’d follow in the footsteps of her sporty brother; who by that time was a professional footballer.  But a determined Kerry stamped her mark early on, flexing her musical muscles as her passion and talent for music began to shine through.

The turning point was at the age of 14, when Kerry’s older brother threw down the gauntlet, making it clear that if she intended to break free from the monotony of her ordinary comprehensive school, then she’d need a shift-change in her attitude and a diversion over to specialist music school.  A normal family on an ordinary budget, Kerry’s mum fought relentlessly to receive a bursary from the council to get her into the likes of Trinity College and The Guildhall.  Kerry applied her piano expertise, along with her vocal talent, in a battle to get through those auditions as a bursary student.  Kerry was snapped up on her first audition by Junior Trinity.  Due to her phenomenal vocal range, Kerry was guided towards jazz, blues & soul singing.  The life road-map for Kerry Goodhind was set.

At 18, her Trinity years behind her, Kerry strut out of college and dived into the unknown universe, finding her feet as a human being, family member and budding music talent; making her money gigging on the circuit and writing music during the moonlight hours.  By the time she hit 24 years, Kerry’s family moved to the West country, leaving Kerry to stand on her own two feet.  Suddenly, there was an insatiable fire in her belly– she plunged herself into a personal training course and completed her classical piano training.  This girl meant business and she knew she had to be physically and mentally strong to achieve that ultimate goal. 

At the age of 30, Kerry had penned enough tracks to make up her first unofficial album - and industry interest rapidly began to snowball.  BBC introducing noticed Kerry instantly, and pulled her into numerous live shows around the local area, including the prestigious Royal Cornwall Show - her fanbase was now growing.  Confident in Kerry’s now escalating success, a close family friend sponsored her for a limited time, giving Kerry the chance to push herself around the industry, culminating in a large industry showcase.  Sony Classics indicated initial promise, but didn’t follow through – which crushed Kerry to a pulp and threatened her future ambition.  But no real talent will ever truly be denied and Kerry gained strength from the experience, set up her own label and went on to write her official debut album – which will be released later this year.

The album promises to be a bitter sweet tumultuous journey through Kerry’s life; a semi-biographical picture-book of Kerry’s relationship with life and music.  Casting a revealing light on the nooks and crannies of a difficult industry, and the struggle between confidence and insecurities faced by an artist carving her way in music, the new album will be the epitome of honesty.  Frustration and anger are pushed aside in the realisation that there’s always another way – always a positive outcome.

A rich, distinct and compelling vocal ability delivered through masterful lyrical genius and melodic gems, Kerry Goodhind promises to be a talent that traverses time and audiences – welcome Kerry Goodhind.